In recent years, VET colleges have shown impressive progress in developing entrepreneurship programmes in their schools. An increasing number of colleges have such a programme in place. In addition to this, the quality of the programmes is increasing and more entrepreneurship programmes are including competence based content and learning which is based on active learning.


Even though many colleges, besides entrepreneurial behaviour, also promote international experiences for their students, the connection between entrepreneurship and internationalisation is made rarely. Wouldn’t it be great if students that work on entrepreneurship, were given the opportunity to work with foreign students and explore possibilities for internationalisation? This is exactly what the I-STEP project plans to do.


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Training programme


To reach the goals of the I-STEP project there will be developed training content for teachers and students that creates an international dimension to the entrepreneurship programmes already in place in VET education. Firstly, partners will develop an I-STEP teacher manual which describes how to implement international entrepreneurship in VET. Secondly, partners will develop the actual International Student Entrepreneurship Programme (I-STEP).


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Platform & community


Project partners will set up an online platform which will have three main functionalities:

  • Open Educational Resource (OER) where all materials developed in the project are published. The materials can be downloaded for free.
  • Creation of a community where all interested parties can come together and communicate.
  • File sharing area for groups of teachers and students to support the alpha and beta testing activities in the project.

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Quality label


The I-STEP partnership will develop the I-STEP International Entrepreneurship Quality Label. VET colleges can apply for the quality label by passing the certification test. The quality label will have 2 levels; ‘Light and ‘Max’ respectively for schools just starting with international entrepreneurship activities and schools having extended experience with international entrepreneurship.


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Students from Lithuania, The Netherlands, Ireland and the UK working on the I-STEP activities and case studies in Birmingham

I-STEP partners

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