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14 December 2017


For the I-STEP consortium, 2017 has been a busy and exciting year.


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Leitirm Village plays host to second I-STEP meeting

22 May 2017

Leitrim Village based training and development company Momentum hosted the 2nd I-STEP partnership meeting. Through the I-STEP project, students will learn how international business works, collaborate with students of Entrepreneurial studies in Vocational Education and Training throughout Europe and create a new business model for internationalisation with their peers.


Orla Casey of Momentum explains their involvement: 'In recent years, colleges in Ireland have made impressive progress teaching entrepreneurship. The quality of the programmes is increasing and more entrepreneurship programmes include active learning where students set up their businesses as part of the curriculum. However, these programmes rarely have an internationalisation element. We were motivated to join this project as we feel the next generation of export focused entrepreneurs should have knowledge and access of doing business internationally.'



14 project partners came together for a two day meeting. As part of the programme, presentations were made by 13 year old young entrepreneur Zack Dolan, from Carrigallen Vocational School who won the Innovation Prize in the Junior category, at the Student Enterprise Programme National Finals and Geraldine Reynolds of the Local Enterprise Office. The partners also took part in outdoor activities where they could choose between surfing and cycling with electric bikes. In the coming months partners will develop and finalise the International Student Programme, the platform and the quality label in order to help VET colleges add an international component to their entrepreneurship programmes.



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30 March 2017

Developing international entrepreneurship programmes in VET; that is what I-STEP is about. Read about recent I-STEP development and progress in our first I-STEP newsletter!


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I-STEP kick-off in Groningen

17 November 2016

On the 16th and 17th of November 2016 project I-STEP kicked off at the premises of Noorderpoort College in Groningen, the Netherlands. The meeting brought together the consortium for the first time, in an effort do discuss and clarify the project objectives, agree on the project plan and timetable and to confirm the understanding of partners' role and responsibilities in the project.


In the coming two years the focus will be on the development of the International Student Entrepreneurship Programme (I-STEP) that will help VET colleges to add an international component to their entrepreneurship education. The teaching material will be developed by a strong consortium of partners with experience in entrepreneurship and internationalisation support, including two VET colleges, two HE universities, two incubators and a marketing and training expert. Participating countries in this project are Ireland, the United Kingdom, Lithuania and the Netherlands. Next meeting is planned on the 11th and 12th of May in Leitrim, Ireland.

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