To reach the goals of the I-STEP project there will be developed training content for teachers and students that creates an international dimension to the entrepreneurship programmes already in place in VET education. Firstly, partners will develop an I-STEP teacher manual which describes how to implement international entrepreneurship in VET. Secondly, partners will develop the actual International Student Entrepreneurship Programme (I-STEP), which is made up of two versions, Light and Max. Read more about the manual and programme below.



I-STEP teacher manual

Partners will develop a hand-on and practical applicable manual describing step-by-step how to implement an international oriented entrepreneurship programme in a VET school. The manual will facilitate all project partners in the consortium to implement the programme in their National schools, at the same time safeguarding high impact on other VET institutions all over EU as the teacher manual is well fitted to share and disseminate widely. The teacher manual will include items on:

  • Description of several cooperation concepts of the European VET schools
  • How to organise internatioanl training days for students
  • Description on how to use the training content of the I-STEP training programme and the online platform, and actually have the students work together in international groups
  • Internal approach: how to get management commitment?
  • External approach: involving stakeholders
  • Tools that support the teacher in the classroom and beyond
  • Financing: how to attract additional financing?
  • ....

The teacher manual will be implemented and tested in the VET institutions in all partner countries. The teachers will use the manual to set up the I-STEP programme in their schools according to the steps that are described in the manual.

I-STEP Training programme

The International Student Entrepreneurship Programme creates an international dimension to the entrepreneurship programmes already in place in VET education. The course materials will be aimed at students but initially developed for the teachers to use in the classroom, teaching the students all aspects that are of importance in international entrepreneurship. There will be 2 versions:

  • I-STEP Light: students internationalise their start-up company by cooperating with peer-students abroad in the form of an agent agreement. Vice versa the students will become agents for their foreign peers.
  • I-STEP Max: students form international groups and actually set up a new company with fellow students abroad. The start-up company will thus have owners in several countries.

All other products produced in this project will include information on these two options. The two versions retain the same purpose: internationalisation of entrepreneurship education.


The I-STEP programme will be implemented and tested in all partner countries. This entails teachers teaching the materials in the classroom, students taking the course, but also the actual start of the international cooperation between the students, either following the Light or Max option.


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