To reach the goals of the I-STEP project there will be developed training content for teachers and students that creates an international dimension to the entrepreneurship programmes already in place in VET education. Firstly, partners will develop an I-STEP teacher manual which describes how to implement international entrepreneurship in VET. Secondly, partners will develop the actual International Student Entrepreneurship Programme (I-STEP).


I-STEP teacher manual

Partners will develop a hand-on and practical applicable manual to help teachers implement international entrepreneurship in their VET school. The teacher manual will include the following topics:

  • Topic 1: Exploring the cooperation concept of EU VET schools. How do students in different countries cooperate?
  • Topic 2: How to organise international Training days for students?
  • Topic 3: How to use the I--Step training content (O2) and online platform (O3)
  • Topic 4: How to form workgroups? Overview on how the students can work together in international groups, either as agents or as ‘small multinationals’
  • Topic 5: How to get management commitment? An Internal approach
  • Topic 6: How to set up a local network involving key stakeholders? (including guidelines and practical tips).
  • Topic 7: How to support the teacher in the classroom and beyond? Digital tools and strategies
  • Topic 8 How to attract additional financing - mobilities, internal or external financing possibilities?

The teacher manual will be implemented and tested in the VET institutions in all partner countries. The teachers will use the manual to set up the I-STEP programme in their schools according to the steps that are described in the manual.


Go to to download the I-STEP results.

I-STEP Training programme

The International Student Entrepreneurship Programme creates an international dimension to the entrepreneurship programmes already in place in VET education. The course materials will be aimed at students but initially developed for the teachers to use in the classroom, teaching the students all aspects that are of importance in international entrepreneurship. The materials cover the following 7 topics:

  • Module 1: International opportunities
  • Module 2: Intercultural Cooperation
  • Module 3: International Market Research
  • Module 4: International Marketing & Communication
  • Module 5: Laws that affect International Business
  • Module 6: Ethics
  • Module 7: Logistics and export

The I-STEP programme will be implemented and tested in all partner countries. This entails teachers teaching the materials in the classroom, students taking the course, but also the actual start of the international cooperation between the students. 


Go to to download the I-STEP results.

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